Farmland Street


Melanie Dubberley and Farrell Scott


Sweet and savory hand-held crepes and pies


Retail / Restaurants

It was all about the Woodland community from the beginning…

Farrell Scott, Farmland Street

A Love for Food

Farmland Street cofounders Farrell and Melanie came by their love for food in different ways but arrived at a common vision: a food truck serving sweet and savory pies and crepes.

A Community Focus

Farmland Street produces sweet and savory pies, crepes, and other baked goods using the sweetest and healthiest ingredients.

“Part of our mission is educating about the differences between eating locally and not,” says Farrell Scott. “Being mobile, you build community at different sites. It was all about the Woodland community from the beginning.”

Our Home in Woodland

“When choosing the name ‘Farmland Street,’ we asked, ‘What’s around us? What’s important? And why are we here in Woodland?’ The word ‘Farmland’ came out of our mouths. We’re surrounded by this remarkable farmland. When we tasted a blueberry from out of state versus a blueberry from Yolo County, the flavor difference was unbelievable.” -Farrell Scott