Manas Ranch


Alice and Fred Manas


Fruit, preserves, meat packing and processing, and more


Ranchers, processors

Everything in that meat case is made here, all those turnovers are made daily from our own fruit.

-Fred Manas

Local and Delicious

The Manas Family has ranched cattle, horses, nuts, and stone fruit in Yolo County since the late 1800s. Alice and Fred Manas have led operations just west of Woodland since 1980.

The Best Peaches in the West

Manas Ranch grows apricots and six varieties of peaches, named “the best peaches in the west” by Sunset Magazine. Peaches are available seasonally but you can taste the flavor year-round with Manas’ homemade jams and toppings.

Manas Ranch also operates one of the few local USDA-approved meat packing facilities, offering a wide selection of cuts from local ranchers and farmers. You can also visit the Manas fruit and meat stand around lunchtime for delicious burgers and brisket – and tri tip on Friday afternoons.

Our Home in Yolo County

“A lot of people are looking for a USDA-approved place. And that’s us. Everything in that meat case is all made here, all those turnovers are made daily from our own fruit” -Fred Manas

The Manas family is active in the local community, participating in events like the California Honey Festival in Downtown Woodland and supporting local FFA chapters.