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We believe that food should be both enjoyable and nutritious…

Elevate Your Cooking

From its founding in Saumur, France to its move to the United States nearly 20 years ago, La Tourangelle knows that making outstanding oil is an expertise that requires part art, part science, and complete commitment to quality. La Tourangelle’s 150-year-old French methods have been at home in Woodland since 2002.

Artisan Oils

La Tourangelle believes that traditional methods are still the best way to naturally retain the flavors, nutrients, and health benefits that nature provides. La Tourangelle is proud to produce a wide variety of products at its Woodland oil mill, warehouse, and bottling facility, including nut oils, infused oils, and body care oils.

Our Home in Woodland

Like Woodland, La Tourangelle leads the way for food responsibility. Its products are free of chemicals, gluten, sodium, BPA, and GMOs. Over 30 employees at Woodland’s Artisan Oil Mill have helped make La Tourangelle the 8th largest and fastest growing cooking oil brand in the United States.