About the Food Front

Our Mission

The Food Front is dedicated to keeping Woodland at the forefront of food and agricultural responsibility by cultivating existing relationships and warmly welcoming new ones. With the same humility and pride Woodland was built on, we will continue to serve as leaders for a responsible food future.


Every Woodland company’s contribution to our mission is unique and constantly evolves the definition of responsibility in food and ag. Our partners in every facet of the food system push the limits of organic, sustainable, local, and healthy products. We work together to continually improve how our food is grown, harvested, processed, and enjoyed. This sense of duty begins with a deep respect for the land and the people who work it and extends to the nutritional health our foods provide today and for future generations.


Estimations based on population growth show a need to increase food production 70% by 2050. Demands on the food system are rapidly translating to potentially irreversible impacts on our natural environment and human health.

Here at The Food Front, we recognize the important role we play in scaling food production. We take seriously our commitment to grow responsibly and invest in forward-thinking projects that will help the world adjust to the increasing demand for food. This commitment also makes Woodland more economically and environmentally resilient.


As we strive for innovation, our economy and community thrive. It’s a natural, symbiotic relationship that enriches where we live and what we do. Thoughtful agricultural practices spur growth in investments, job creation, and job security, as well as our community’s pride in being a part of this necessary investment in our people and our planet. Woodland has led the way in responsible food and ag practice for nearly 150 years. This rich tradition demonstrates that economic growth is not counter to our goals but foundational to our shared pursuit to improve how food is grown and made.