Pacific Coast Producers


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Canned fruits and tomatoes


Processors and producers

Woodland is really convenient and all the farms are right by us.

Chris Ward, PCP

An Agricultural Cooperative

Pacific Coast Producers (PCP) is collectively owned by over 160 diverse family farms in Central and Northern California. The Woodland tomato operation processes over 8,000 tons of product a day from 14 local growers, making it the world’s largest tomato canning plant.

Service, Quality, and Support

PCP’s Woodland facility produces over 250 varieties of healthy and sustainable canned tomato products including whole, diced, sliced, crushed, sauces, paste, and more.

Pacific Coast Producer tomato products are available at over 50,000 grocers and are used in nearly 1 million food service outlets.

Our Home in Woodland

“Conventional tomatoes are grown and picked within a 16 mile radius of our Woodland facility, making the trip from the field to can in less than 4 hours.” -Chris Ward, Pacific Coast Producers

At peak season, PCP’s Woodland facility employs over 1,250 workers.