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Juan and Toby Barajas


Farm-to-Fork Restaurant Fare


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We literally drive 15, 20 minutes and put those foods right on the menu.

Juan Barajas, Leader of Savory Café

Shaping Local Food Culture

Brothers Toby and Juan Barajas have been leading the Savory team in downtown Woodland since 2015. Juan’s business degree and veteran knowledge of food distribution paired with Toby’s culinary expertise led the pair to add another restaurant to their existing storefront in Knight’s Landing.

True Farm-to-Fork

Savory Café focuses on trying new ideas, taking risks, and creating dishes that fuel the Woodland community’s desire for simple and fresh food. Savory’s seasonal menu changes based on the distinct flavors of freshly-harvested and locally-sourced foods. Savory occasionally takes its entire staff on farm tours to better understand where their food is from and how it is grown.

Our Home in Woodland

When Savory launched in 2015, some customers doubted they could execute a true farm-to-fork restaurant. “Proximity to the farms,” says Juan, “actually cuts the cost and allows us to do fresh food. People realize this is attainable. We can do it. We have it within a few miles…We don’t have to pay for storage, we don’t have to pay for delivery, we go directly to the source. We see Woodland and the Woodland community growing. We see nothing but success.” -Juan Barajas, Leader of Savory Café