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Take care of the land, and the land will take care of you.

Committed to Quality

Established by Henry and Suzanne Stone, Yolo Land & Cattle Co.’s family ranch is committed to raising high-quality beef and preserving the environment. Among many steps toward sustainability, we protect nearly 7,000 acres of their ranch in perpetuity in 2005, making Yolo Land & Cattle the largest conservation easement in Yolo County.

Grass- Fed Beef & Jerky

Yolo Land & Cattle raises 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef. Our cattle are raised humanely to maturity and individually identified. No hormones, antibiotics, grain, or artificial supplements are used. The beef is USDA-inspected and packaged at a small, artisan processing facility.

Yolo Land & Cattle also offers 98% fat-free beef jerky products, beef sticks, and yellow star thistle honey all produced straight from the ranch.

Our Home in Yolo County

Yolo Land and Cattle offers: event venues, group tours, weddings, and parties on our picturesque ranch in the Blue Ridge Hills of Yolo County. We welcome student groups for tours and workshops, educating youth about the importance of agriculture and developing a better appreciation for how their food is produced.