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Woodland is the best location for our business…

Don Douglas, President of WECO

The Science of Optical Sorting

WECO (Woodside Electronics Corporation) has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing electronic sorters for decades and has thousands of units deployed worldwide. WECO serves several industries: tomato sorting on the harvester; walnut producers; and several small fruits including cranberries and wine grapes. WECO was founded in Mountain View, CA in 1982. They have been in Woodland for 30 years because it is at the heart of key agricultural industries like pecans, cranberries, tomatoes, and wine grapes.

Revolutionary Technology

WECO is the world leader in optical sorting, offering a variety of technologies that provide efficiency, reliability, and performance. WECO’s BerryTek technicians offer Premier Service, including installation and start-up, emergency service, refurbishment, and upgrades. Chromax by WECO Sorters feature LED illuminators, horizontally diffuse illumination, Free-Space Optics for controlled depth-of-field, and full color spectrum.

Our Home in Woodland

“Woodland is the best location for our business because of its proximity to the Central Valley where our loyal customers are.” -Don Douglas, President of WECO