Woodland Draper Manufacturing


Jimmy Hamlin and Colin Monley



Draper Belting, Conveyor Belting, Nut Harvesting Parts, Swather Belting, Truck Tarps, Fabricated Textiles


Support, Service

Our customers are also our neighbors…

Woodland Draper

Manufacturer & Wholesaler

For more than fifty years Woodland Draper Manufacturing has existed a s a manufacturer, wholesaler, and supplier of rubber and textile products for the agricultural, industrial, and trucking industries. They are the only draper company in California , and one of the two in the country.

We’re Here to Help

Woodland Draper Manufacturing company collaborates with equipment operators and manufacturers to align the specifications of their products with the expectations of their customers. Their unique shop can help with a simple tarp repair to mass production for equipment manufacturers.

Our Home in Woodland

“With Woodland being a hub for agricultural and industrial companies, our customers are also our neighbors and we are able to service them quickly and easily.”

– Woodland Draper